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todd-casil asked:

Is Jhonen a fan hating jerk, or do people just spread rumors too much? Ive honestly been wondering this for a while, and its really hard to know who to believe with all the misinformation out there. Also does he hate goths?

Hey Todd Casil, he hates everybody! His fans, everyone else’s fans, goths, people who spread misinformation, people who spread the regular kind of information, people who ask tumblr questions, perhaps even you! Way back in the year 1815, Sir Jhonen Vasquez (as he was known to folks when he was in his prime) invented a rare type of writing style where short conversations were broken up into panels and then supplemented by illustrations. He was so filled with hate for those around him that writing more than 2-5 sentences at a time caused him to bleed from the eye sockets. The illustrations had to be added later on because no one could understand eye-blood stained ramblings. Thus, the comic was born.

PS. Back to regularly scheduled posts, guys!

How little Todd Casil became known as Squee

Todd Casil sat in his room, the darkness out his window threatening to reach into his room and strangle him. As Todd lay in his bed, covers pulled up to his chin, he noticed the light outside his door go off. Immediately, a purple tentacle began to slither up his bed post. Stifling a scream, he pulled his covers over his head.

            “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t just sit there you retard! If you don’t get out here, I will kill you myself!” Todd poked his head out, seeing Shmee with a baseball bat in his hand. The tentacle still slithering toward Todd was aimed for his leg. Shmee lifted the bat and slammed it onto the tentacle causing the creature from underneath his bed to screech. Blood was gushing from the tentacle as it slithered back to where it had come from.

            “Now, why didn’t you do that yourself you twit?” Shmee asked; a sense of harshness behind his voice. The small teddy bear was covered in stitches, torn in places. Todd’s small boyish frame shook as he watched Shmee with the bloody baseball bat. “You know, you really shouldn’t cower like that. It makes you look weak, fragile, stupid.” Todd just sat there, not saying anything. They sat there for a while, Shmee insulting him for his cowardliness, until the sound of metal on glass came to their ears.

            Todd jumped at the sound. Shmee looked toward the window.

            “Are you just going to sit there? Someone has come onto our turf, we need to skin him! Carve out his heart with a spoon! Peel out his eyes! Suck the very life out of his essence! Go! We must conquer this beast!”

            Shmee then jumped off of the bed and opened the window. A knife came through it first; cutting off the teddy bear’s head and leaving Todd alone with the being coming through the window. The next thing Todd saw was a black crop of hair and a pale face peering into the room, staring straight at him.

            Todd edged away from the tall man shoving his way through the window. When the man had his full body inside Todd’s room, he smiled eerily at the little boy shivering in his bed.

            “Why, hello there… your small bear is such an ass… I just had to kill him. I’m Johnny.” Johnny’s voice sounded clouded with thick insanity. He came up to Todd’s bed and sat down next to the small boy. “Why do you cower like that? Why, when I was your age, I had killed my first cheerleader. I sawed her legs off and then fed them to my cat… which I then slaughtered afterward… but that’s beside the point.” Johnny was looking down at Todd, studying his very being.

            “Well, I just moved in next door… and I wanted to get to know the small child I was moving in next to. What is your name?” Todd let out a small squeal.

            “Squee it is then!”

Submitted by Trista.

Anonymous asked:

What does jhonen vasquez hate and like the most about the Invader Zim fandom? or what does he think about the stuff fans are doing to invader zim?

Invader Zim is really well known with a very wide range of people, I think it’s kind of reached that hysteria level at times and though that’s only 1 of his works - its the only thing I’m sure a lot of fans know him for. That must be sort of frustrating having a flock of 10 year old girls in GIR hats that have no idea he’s done a (substantially more bloody) comic in his life. 

I don’t know if he necessarily hates Invader Zim fans or fandom, but I do also know he doesn’t have full control over the advertising/merchandise (quality, locations it’s sold, etc) as well - Nickelodeon handles that as far as Ive gathered.

Don’t you ever feel like somebody fucked up when you can walk into a Hot Topic and buy a purple GIR with like one eye because someone wasn’t paying attention to the design? Sort of bastardizing his work if you ask me, but it’s probably a better question for the man himself.



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